Gone Through Menopause And Seeing More Wrinkles? Get Fillers To Help

Menopause can cause many changes in a woman's body including low estrogen levels. Without estrogen, your skin does not produce as much collagen, which is needed to keep wrinkles away. Fortunately, you have options to help you see fewer wrinkles when you look in the mirror. One of these options is getting fillers. Below is information about fillers and how the treatment is done. 


Fillers are made from different materials. For example, this includes your own fat that is transplanted from somewhere in your body, collagens, which can be taken from a cadaver, cow, pig, or made in a laboratory, or sugar molecules coming from hyaluronic acids. The dermatologist that you see will determine the right type of material to use for your wrinkles. 

The filler is injected beneath your skin to increase volume and smooth the wrinkles. Fillers work well to smooth wrinkles around your mouth and nose, remove vertical lines around your lips, and remove lines around your eyes. Fillers can also be used to add volume to your face, such as to fill sunken cheeks and plump lips. Fillers are popular because you do not have to have surgery and they can be done in your doctor's office. 

Filler Treatment

You will first meet with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. The doctor will look at your skin to determine the type of wrinkles you have. You will have to give them your medical history, so they know if you have allergies or a skin problem. They also need to know the medications you take since some medications may affect the way fillers work. 

When you arrive at the doctor's office, they will first clean your face. The doctor may choose to use a topical anesthetic, which will numb the skin, so you feel less pain during the injections and help with pain after the treatment.

The doctor injects the filler and results will generally be seen immediately. You may have some slight swelling and bruising but this will go away within a couple of days. You may need more than one treatment depending on the type of wrinkles you have and your skin type. 

Fillers are not permanent and over time your body will absorb the material. Your doctor can tell you how long you should expect it to last.  You can go back to work after the treatment, but your doctor will likely tell you not to exercise for a couple of days.  

Talk to your doctor or cosmetic surgeon for much more information on fillers—such as Restylane fillers.

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