Making Cosmetic Injections A Better Experience

Cosmetic injections, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers, can transform your appearance and restore a more youthful look. However, there are a couple of things you should do in order to ensure you have a good experience and get the best possible results from a cosmetic injection procedure.

1. Stay out of the sun, before and after.

Make sure you avoid the sun for at least a week before your injections, and then for another week after the injections. Even if you don't get a sunburn, the sun can irritate your skin, leading to slight inflammation that interferes with the action of your injections and makes post-treatment side effects worse. If you have no option other than to go out in the sun, wear sunscreen.

2. Use a gentle moisturizer.

Even if you normally use a medicated moisturizer, switch to a gentle, non-medicated one or a few days before your injections, and also for a week after. It is important that your skin is nice and plush for the injections, as this will help boost your results, but you don't want to be using a moisturizer with any ingredients like salicylic acid or vitamin C, as these could cause more irritation after the treatment.

3. Relax.

You want to arrive at your appointment feeling as relaxed as possible. This will make it easier for you to keep your facial muscles relaxed, which is important when the doctor actually gives the injections. Also, when you are less stressed, your body is less likely to react negatively to foreign substances, so you should not get as much redness and swelling after your treatment. Meditate, do some yoga, or watch your favorite relaxing TV show prior to your appointment.

4. Eat a healthy diet.

If you are eating a healthy diet, your skin will have the nutrients it needs to heal faster after your injections. This means any redness and swelling you have may subside a bit faster, so you can see your results sooner. Make sure you get plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet. If you do not already take a multivitamin supplement, consider taking one in the days leading up to your injection appointment.

Whether you get collagen injections or another type of dermatological injection, the tips above will help ensure a good experience. Reach out to your dermatologist for some more specific advice related to the exact treatment you're pursuing. 

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