Benefits You Can Attain By Undergoing Breast Augmentation Procedure

Women have different reasons for choosing to undergo breast augmentation. Your unique reason for choosing this type of surgery could be for increasing the size of your breasts so that they are symmetrical in appearance. Your aim is to attain symmetry in your breasts that result in equal parts that match both breasts. You may have undergone breast cancer mastectomy surgery or you might just want evenness in your breasts so that your clothes will fit better. Whatever the reason is for your choosing breast augmentation, and bear in mind that the aging process does also contribute to changing breast tissue size, a board certified plastic surgeon will perform this procedure to suit your needs.

Consult With A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The first thing you should do is consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience in breast augmentation surgery. This surgeon will discuss what your goals are for this operation. He or she will describe in full the different types of implants available and their appearance, which will help you to choose the implant you want. This professional will clearly let you understand the options you have for surgical techniques as well.

Evolving Breast Augmentation And Implant Surgery Techniques

Over the years, options for breast augmentation implant surgery and associated surgical techniques have evolved. However, saline and silicone breast implants still remain the two most popular choices for breast augmentation. Silicone gel in particular has developed over the years and proves to be more cohesive in strength. However, many women still lean towards the choice of implants that are softer. You do, nonetheless, have newer options such as contoured breast implants that you can also choose.

Contoured Teardrop Breast Implant

You can now request a breast implant that is shaped like a teardrop, which produces natural breast contours. When you choose a teardrop breast implant, your reconstructed breast augmentation procedure gives you more fullness at the bottom of your breast contour while tapering off fullness at the top for a more natural look. It's best that you discuss contouring breast implants at length with your plastic surgery surgeon.

You might also want to learn whether round implant choices offer you a fuller breast look. Obviously, with innovative technology, you have more options to choose from. The consensus of opinion remains though that what type of transplant you choose should heighten your surgical goals and fit your body's shape.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

One of the newer techniques of breast augmentation is fat transfer breast augmentation. Liposuction is used in this science to collect unwanted fat from your hips or abdomen. The collected fat is then injected into your breasts, and this results in a very slight volume increase in your breast if that's your desired goal.

If you are considering getting breast augmentation surgery, contact a local surgeon to pick the best option for you. 

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