3 Types of Cosmetic Facial Injections

If you are considering some very minor cosmetic work on your face, facial injections might be what you are looking for. With mild to moderate bruising and fast recovery times, you may prefer this over more invasive surgeries. There are three types of cosmetic facial injections, and each one produces a different action for a different cosmetic objective. 

1. Fillers

Fillers are cosmetic injections that plump lines. The substances are FDA-approved in the U.S. and are safe for use because they eventually break down in the body and cause no real systemic harm. The needles are inserted into and parallel with the wrinkles in your face, while the filler material fills in the lines by pushing up the skin creating the folds of the wrinkles. The results are temporary, lasting between three and six months. 

2. Muscle Tighteners

Muscle tighteners involve injecting botulinum toxin (Botox) into the facial muscles. The toxin causes muscles to seize up and become slightly paralyzed. As a result, the skin overlaying those muscles becomes taut as well, creating a more youthful appearance and reducing wrinkles and some sagging skin. Like fillers, the effect is temporary, and you will have to have a facial injection consultation before agreeing to inject your facial muscles with a toxin. 

3. Fat Blaster

Another facial injection targets fat deposits under the chin. After two or three treatments you are supposed to see an improved profile, with significantly less chin fat. On some people, it works quite well. On others, the double chin is half fat, half sagging muscle, so the results are not as noticeable unless the patient opts for a lower facelift as well as the fat-blasting injections. It does cost less and is less invasive to try the fat-blasting injections first. If the injections do not provide the results you are looking for, then you can talk to your cosmetic surgeon about more invasive procedures. 


Facial injections vary wildly in price based on what you want to do and on what each individual cosmetic or aesthetic office charges. A single shot of muscle toxin can cost as little as thirty dollars, but you would need more than one shot to make sure the results do not leave your face looking lopsided. The fat blaster shots are given as a series of twenty to thirty shots per treatment. The injections can cost anywhere from two to six grand. Fillers can cost hundreds, and you need to double that if you want to fill lines on both sides of your face. Still, it costs far less than the thousands for invasive surgery. 

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