Have Your Beautiful Facial Features Defined With Face Liposuction

You may know that liposuction is often performed on people looking to get rid of extra fat from certain body parts, such as their stomach or thighs, but did you know that you can also get liposuction done on the face? If you are not overweight and are not dealing with extra body fat but have always had a rounder face, you may have wished to have a face that looks more defined with high cheekbones and a stronger jawline. If so, liposuction of the face is a procedure that is most likely ideal for you.

The Process

While sedated, the cosmetic surgeon makes small incision on the face, typically by the ear and even underneath the chin to reduce visibility of any small scars that might appear after the incisions have been made. Once the cosmetic surgeon makes the incisions, a surgical suction pump is inserted, and fat is slowly yet steadily removed from parts of the face to eliminate some of the roundness, remove any evidence of a double chin, and even give the neck a slightly thinner appearance. Because it is such a small area of the body, the procedure usually takes less than an hour, so you will not need to be sedated for too long.

The Recovery

As with any surgical procedure, you are going to experience some pain when the sedation wears off. The cosmetic surgeon may provide recommendations on how to get relief while recovering. You should plan to be out of work for at least a week after the surgery, so it is a good idea to take some vacation time or use those personal days you have accumulated over the years. You will experience a bit of swelling and bruising on the face. It is often difficult to see the results of the liposuction when the face is swollen from the procedure. As the swelling starts subsiding, you will notice the positive results that you have achieved from getting liposuction.

If you want a face that looks more defined, but you have always had round checks and a bit of a double chin, you could have liposuction performed on your face and even your neck area. The procedure is different from a facelift because it only involves the removal of excess fat to leave the face looking a lot slimmer. Along with seeing more of your cheekbones and jawline, you may naturally feel like you look younger and more vibrant than you did before because of the liposuction procedure.

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