Breast Augmentation And Scarring: What You Need To Know

Talk to a handful of women who plan to get breast implants or some type of breast augmentation, and they will likely tell you that one of their biggest worries is what kind of scars they will be left with when the procedure is done. Scars come along with just about any type of procedure, so it is natural to have questions and concerns. This is especially true with cosmetic procedures because many women desire to keep the modification to themselves and not have obvious signs of alterations. Here is a look at a few of the most common questions about breast augmentation and scarring and the sanwers you should know. 

Is it true the scars will be under your arms?

At one point in time, it was common for surgeons to make a small incision close to the armpit to insert the breast implant, and this is still done during some implant procedures. However, insertion through an incision at the crease just below the breast or around the areola are more common because the scars are not as noticeable. Where the incisions are made will essentially depend on what type of implants you choose and their size. For example, larger silicone implants are prefilled, but saline implants are filled after insertion. Therefore, saline implants can go through a smaller incision, and smaller incisions work well around the areola. 

Is it possible to get breast implants without noticeable scars?

It can be possible to get breast implants without there being a great deal of noticeable scarring. The most common method of inserting implants to minimalize scarring is through the areola of the nipple. The darkened skin here allows for a small scar to be present without it being all that visible once it is healed. Great strides are taken during the procedure to minimalize scarring as much as possible, no matter what insertion point is used. 

Will visible scars fade as you heal after breast augmentation?

In some cases, yes, the scarring you initially see after surgery will get lighter as your body heals. However, how much fading takes place will also rely on certain factors, such as where the scars are located, your age, your skin tone and elasticity, and your overall health. Most people do see some notable improvement with time, but there are also further treatments and procedures like breast augmentation procedure you can get to help lighten the scars, such as laser scar therapy. 

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