Tips To Prepare For Breast Augmentation Surgery For An Easier Recovery

While breast augmentation surgery is generally not life-threatening, it is still surgery; someone is going to open your body and insert foreign objects. As with any surgery, there are certain things you need to avoid or stop doing beforehand and a few ways you can prepare for your recovery at home. Here are a few tips to help make the whole thing more comfortable.


If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking a few weeks before the surgery. While this may be very difficult, ask your doctor for nicotine patches, gun, or another substitute. You may also want to have hypnosis to help you quit. You should probably sit and discuss your quitting with close friends and family, so they are prepared for any mood swings due to your addiction cravings. Stop taking any herbal supplement you have not discussed and had approved by our doctor. In addition, you should quit using aspirin or any medication which contains aspirin.


A few days before the surgery go to the grocery store and buy the things you will need the first days after surgery. This should include soft foods to eat, plenty of things to drink, and some type of sterile body wash. Ask your doctor for any prescriptions ahead of time and have them filled so you won't have to stop and do it n the way home from the surgery. It is a good idea to have some type of stool softener around in case the pain medication gives you constipation. Make sure you have sterile dressings too. If you have a hobby you can do while sitting, make sure you have plenty of materials to do it.

While you will not need to stay in bed after breast augmentation surgery, you will need to rest and keep your activity to a minimum for a few days. If needed arrange to have childcare of some type, even if it is a friend who comes to your home to help out. Explain to the kids as much as possible that you will not be able to pick them up for a few days and if they climb into your lap they will need to be careful.

Do not hesitate to talk with your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have before the surgery. The more confident you feel about what is going to happen, the better you will feel when it is all done. Luckily, breast augmentation surgery has a quick recovery time, and you will be feeling like your old self, except better, soon.

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