Hair Removal Options

If you have coarse, dark hairs growing on your arms and they tend to embarrass you, resulting in your wearing long-sleeved shirts on a daily basis, eliminate the hairs with one of the methods below. By doing so, you can wear any type of clothing with confidence.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment that is given by a trained technician in a hair removal clinic or spa. Hair follicles are removed from the root with a laser wand. As a result, hair will not grow back for several weeks and when it does grow back, each strand of hair may be finer and less noticeable than the hairs that were growing prior to the laser hair removal treatment.

If you choose to have subsequent treatments performed, hair will continously grow back at a slow rate and in some instances, may stop growing altogether. Prior to signing up for a laser hair removal session, contact a business that provides hair removal to receive answers to questions you have, such as how painful the initial session will be and how long it will take to remove hair from both of your arms. 


A depilatory is a creamy subtance, similar to lotion, that can be rubbed over hair follicles. A depliatory contains chemicals that will cause each hair follicle to break off along the surface of skin. Before applying a depliatory, take a shower or bath to clean your arms and remove oils or dirt. Afterward, pat your skin dry.

Put on a pair of gloves before pouring a small amount of a depliatory into one of your palms. Rub the depilatory across each arm, being careful to apply a light, even coat to each arm. After waiting the required amount of time that is printed on the depilatory's bottle, use warm water to rinse the cream from each arm.

Move a damp cloth across each arm to remove the strands of hair. Hair will begin growing back in several days, so be prepared to use a depliatory again if you would like to keep your arms silky smooth and void of hair. 

Hair Removal Disk Or Paper

A hair removal disk or paper resembles sandpaper and is often small enough to fit into the palm of one of your hands. This type of product has a fairly coarse surface that can cut through strands of hair.

Move the disk or paper firmly in circles across each arm. Use a cloth to wipe away hair strands after they have loosened. Continue moving the disk or paper across your skin until all of the hair has been eliminated. Hair will grow back within a few days, but a hair removal disk or paper can safely be used as often as you desire. 

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